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Makarska Info Croatia

View from mountain Biokovo

Makarska info temperatures and sea: Usual summer temperatures are around 34 °C. Adriatic sea temperature is around 23 °C during the summer… Makarska has more than 2800 sunny hours per year which makes it one of the sunniest places on Adriatic coast.

Makarska Info Croatia  harbour

Makarska harbor

It is one of the most popular Croatian touristy places on the Adriatic Sea. Over the summer Makarska is visited by approximately 200 000 guest.

It’s a small tourist Croatian city located under the 1762m high mountain Biokovo and between two peninsulas. Peninsula St. Peter on the western side and Osejava on the Eastern side are beautiful nature miracles.

Makarska peninsulas and surrounding is full of all kinds of vegetation, especially pine trees which are making shades where you can runaway from 1high summer temperatures and enjoy in chirping crickets or some picnic on the grass. 

Makarska info history : In the past, two peninsulas protected sailors, merchants and other from weather storms so it used to be popular harbor for all nautical world, especially during the Venetian and Ottoman occupation.

Makarska Info Croatia  parasailing sea and city view

Makarska sky view

Now days it is a safe harbor for all kinds of expensive tourist yachts which are staying over the summer looking for a place which is connecting safe docking, beautiful nature and tasty gastronomy.

Makarska Info Croatia  main beach

Makarska main beach

Makarska info nature and sightseeing: Every year Makarska attracts many guests from all over the world with it’s natural beauty. Makarska is famous by its pebbly beach stretching all the way Makarska coastline which is approximately 4 km long and by it’s long promenade for pleasant summer walk. Along the promenade you can see many luxury Hotels and restaurants with best local gastronomy, and a lot of summer fun facilities which will satisfy everyone ! Find out Gallery about Makarska Croatia and many interesting photos…

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