Makarska Riviera holidays places

Makarska Riviera holidays places

Makarska Riviera is located in the center of Dalmatia coast, part of Split-Dalmatian county in Croatia with a main town Makarska and some small tourist places like Brela, Baska Voda, Promajna, Bratuš, Tucepi, Podgora, Drvenik and Gradac. It is about 60 km long coastline famous about its sandy beaches, warm summers, beautiful nature and summer holiday heaven. Makarska Riviera is stretched from the place called Dubci to the small tourist place Gradac. It is one of the most popular Adriatic touristic areas because of its nature and great Apartments accommodation offer with many Villas like Villa Flamingo Makarska available for upcoming guests. Here we will get you known with some of the most popular tourist places on Riviera and show you what you can expect when you come on our small summer tourist heaven…If you need some apartments accommodation on whole Makarska Riviera area you can contact us freely and we will find you best accommodation for your needs…





Brela is tourist place and part of Makarska Riviera. It is made of two settlements called Donja Brela (bottom Brela) and Gornja Brela (upper Brela) which are 15km away from Makarska and 40km away from Split. Main features of Brela are long pebble beaches and clean sea with famous attraction: a small reef in the sea like a small island with few pine trees on it. It is main symbol of Brela. Its beaches were awarded many times by its beauty and clean sea also as one of ten best beaches in the world and Makarska Riviera. Brela are also full of ancient churches and buildings… Brela offers wide range of private apartments and Villas accommodations which are settled near the sea as it is a small tourist place… For some apartments and villas accommodation in Brela you can contact us and arrange some beautiful accommodation by your choice…


Baska Voda

Baska Voda is small tourist place located on Makarska Riviera few kilometers distant from Brela… Once long ago people from small village Bast in the mountains came down to sea and those were first years of Baška Voda… Today it became famous tourist place with 2200 inhabitants… Baska Voda has a lot of nice pebble beaches and sights to see… It has a big nautical harbor and diving classes, many beach clubs for fun and sport activities for everyone… It is a real place for enjoying your hard earned holiday vacation… Baška Voda has many apartments and Villas accommodation so you can contact us and we will arrange you best vacation of your life on Makarska Riviera Baska Voda.




Promajna is a small tourist village with one specific goal, to be best family holiday vacation place on Makarska Riviera… It is full of luxurious accommodation Villas and apartments which are located mainly near the sea and nice pebble beaches. People from Promajna are very friendly and will make your vacation in this small place in Makarska Riviera as comfortable as possible. For more information about apartments and villas accommodations in Promajna contact us freely…




Krvavica is small tourist Village on Makarska Riviera with few hundred inhabitants but with biggest commercial nautical harbor on the whole central Dalmatian area. Nautical people from all over the world comes every year in this modern harbor finding safe place for their boats and apartment accommodation for themselves. Krvavica organizes every weekend its fisherman nights where whole village comes and enjoys in the origin tradition and domestic specialties like fish and etc… If you need some info about Krvavica nautical center or apartment accommodation on Makarska Riviera contact us here.





Tucepi are tourist place located 5km from Makarska and famous about it’s very long promenade and long pebble beaches… Beaches are 4 km long and there is enough place for everyone like in their apartments and villas accommodation which are situated near the sea… Tucepi and almost every place on Makarska Riviera has magnificent view on the mountain on one side and clean blue sea on the other side. Tucepi offers a lot of entertainment during the summer like beach clubs, cultural nights, fisherman nights, restaurants, sea sports and a lot more… Come and see it by yourself… For more information about Tucepi and reserving apartments or Villas accommodation contact us here.




Podgora is tourist place on Makarska Riviera which is located 15km from Makarska. It is famous by its fisherman and its life with the sea… Podgora lives from the sea and it’s inhabitants feel grateful for centuries because the sea was it’s main source for living… In Podgora like in all small villages on Makarska Riviera tourists can feel real domestic fishermans atmosphere and enjoy in its natural and architecture beauty. Podgora’s wide range of apartments and villas accommodations with hospitality of domestic people can not be a wrong choice… If you need some Hotel accommodation you can always take a look for its famous Hotels placed near the coast…




Drvenik is small Dalmatian tourist village 30 km form Makarska with a ferry harbor. It is connected by ferry with Croatia’s most famous island Hvar so if you choose to spend your summer holidays in this beautiful tourist place you can take a trip to island Hvar and enjoy in it’s natural beauty and you can take a look of world famous city Hvar which is best fun place in Adriatic. Hvar is famous like as Dubrovnik on the south of Croatia’s coast…Wide range of apartment and villas accommodation and fun holiday activities in Drvenik on Makarska Riviera will make your vacation even more comfortable.


Gradac is last but not least tourist place of Makarska Riviera. 42km from Makarska on the southern coast you can find this small tourist holiday place with quite ambient and long beaches… Real family atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying your summer vacation with your friend and family… Gradac has to offer wide range of activities and luxury apartments accommodation so contact us if you need more info about Gradac and its property…



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