Makarska Sightseeing and Culture

Makarska sightseeing and Culture



St. Mark’s Church

 It is situated on the top of the main Makarska sightseeing square called Kačić square… Long time ago it used to call Makarska’s cathedral because Makarska had it’s own bishop who was situated there. Now days bishop is situated in Split and Makarska is part of Archdiocese of Split-Makarska and St. Mark’s church is used to call collegiate church. Collegiate church is not a cathedral but similarly important indeed. Interior of the church is very special and impressive so it is one of the best Makarska sightseeing locations in the town… Construction began 1700 and it stopped around 1756 although it was never completely finished. Church has it’s architectural and treasury importance… The bishops started collecting a religious treasury items from craftsmen form Venice, Austria, Italy and domestic masters. Great amount of treasury is in Baroque spirit so it is special experience to see it all.

The Franciscan Monastery of Blessed Virgin Mary

Makarska sightseeing

This Makarska sightseeing monastery started constructing at 1502. when Franciscans from The Bosnia came in Makarska… During the construction they had a lot of problems with earthquakes, thieves, invasions and their opponents… Through the centuries beautiful monastery complex was finished and today we all can enjoy in it’s historical and monumental beauty.1971. it became a part of Zagreb Theological Seminary where the monks  studied natural science and made enormous library containing over 4500 volumes, journals and incunabulas. In monastery you can find one of the Makarska Makarska sightseeing top attractions ,Malacological museum and herbarium of the plants species of the Biokovo mountain and whole region.

St Peter’s Church

Makarska sightseeing

It is located on the St. Peters peninsula and it’s a small church made of stone built in the 15th century on the foundation of another object dating from the 6th century.  Around the church and the whole peninsula you will find a lot of ruins dated from prehistoric times, especially Roman times… There is a nice Makarska sightseeing view from the church because it is situated on the cliff and under the cliff you see clear blue sea and islands in the distance.


Antun Gojak city gallery

Gallery predominantly holds works of Makarska painter Antun Gojak. It is situated in the old school building, registered as a cultural asset, which is shared with the music school, library and local radio. Gojak donated 1988.  his 132 paintings and 201 drawings. That was the birth of Makarska’s gallery museum… Later a lot of random masterpieces was added to a gallery so it became one of the most important Makarska sightseeing cultural object .

Open for viewers:


Makarska town museum:

Located on Makarska waterfront in the old Tonoli Palace which is special historic architecture object and Makarska sightseeing . Museum is full of historical and cultural values from prehistoric times till the modern period…Here you can get known with domestic culture and customs…There are a lot of archaeological artifacts which are important part of Makarska region history.

The Malacological museum

Located in the Franciscan monastery with rare collection of all kind of Mollusks from all over the world, one of the best in the Europe…Founded by scientist and monk Friar Jure Radić. Malacology is the branch of invertebrate zoology that deals with the study of the Mollusks.  Mollusks include snails and slugs, clams, octopus and squid, and numerous other kinds, many of which have shells. There are about 3000 shells and fossils in the collection. Other kind of collection is flora of the Biokovo mountain which is also included in the museum… So, you should visit this Makarska sightseeing place at any cost, it will surely stay in your memory for a life time because it is considered one of the most beautiful and richest museums in the malacological world.

 Monuments and statues

The Andrija Kačić Miošić Monument

Makarska sightseeing Monument is situated in the center of the main Makarska’s square which carries the same name as the famous writer. He earned this honorary place because of his valuable work for Makarska and the region… Kačić was born in Brist (1704.) near Makarska and he was a monk, philosopher, teacher and a poet.

 Monuments to the tourist

It is located on Makarska promenade near the sea…It was made by young sculptor and it represents young couple enjoying in the summer vacation. The male is local boy from Makarska which was called „Galeb“ because those boys used to flirt with female tourists.  If you come closer you will notice that the female tourist has a faded boob because everyone touches believing it brings good luck.

The other one represents a tourist loafing and enjoying on the sea surface, usual day of  usual tourist in Makarska.

Monument of the revolution

Monument of the Revolution Makarska sightseeing is the memory of the fallen soldiers in World War II and the liberation of the Makarska area of fascism and fascist terror. Now days it is a place of star observatory where you can enjoy in Makarska night sky during clean summer nights.

Monument of Napoleon

After Napoleon conquest in the early 19th century, Makarska fell under his authority. Napoleon encouraged a culture and build roads that Makarska is associated with other coastal cities. At the western entrance of the city the monument is built known as Napoleon’s monument.

 Venetian fountain

Makarska sightseeing

Located on the Kačić square dating from 1775. year… Beautiful historical object in the town center. Makarska citizens used to get fresh water there and now days tourists used to refresh themselves from the summer heats…

Anchour Monument


Makarska sightseeing

Makarska is famous about it’s sailors and fishermans and one of it’s city Makarska sightseeing monuments is dedicated to those people. It is located on the entrance of St. Peter peninsula…

St. Peters monument

Makarska sightseeing

Great monument of St. Peter is located on the east side of St.Peter peninsula and he is famous as a Saint who has the keys of Heaven… Couples often comes under the monument and they lock their Love locks under St. Peter becouse they believe it will bring theam happines and love …. You should see this beautiful Makarska sightseeing …

Monument of first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman

Located in Makarska’s main beach green park surrounded by promenade which leads to Makarska main beach and it represents first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman.


The Ivanišević and Tonoli palace

Makarska sightseeing

Ivanišević palace is one of the Baroque architecture examples Makarska sightseeing located near the sea…It is example how wealthier people used to live… Tonoli palace was owned by a Venetian doctor Tonoli and was made in 18th century.

 Squares and streets

The Main square in Makarska

It contain few valuable historical monuments and architecture object  like Andrija Kačić Miošić and St. Mark’s church. Whole square is a place where you can enjoy in a moment and Makarska sightseeing … When you look to the north you see a church and mountain Bikovo rising behind it…Amazing view! Square is surrounded by old Dalmatian houses built by stone and wooden shutters…On the bottom of the Kačić square you can find a few coffee bars where you can sit and enjoy in all the foregoing.

Street Kalalarga

Most famous and the oldest street in Makarska… Throughout the street offers a breathtaking view of the stone houses built in the local Dalmatian style. Kalalarga was once the lifeblood of Makarska. Everything was situated here… Now days it is popular tourist place and full of every kind of shops and coffee places…Few years ago it was reconstructed so it offers full experience of old times…

Nature parks and villages

Botanical garden Kotišina

Botanical Garden Kotišina located above the village Kotišina distant 2km from Makarska. It It is part of the natural park in the mountain. The garden was founded by Jure Radic, a Franciscan priest, for the purpose of scientific research and monitoring, as well as the protection and preservation of domestic mountain plants. Biokovo Botanical Garden is no ordinary botanical garden and Makarska sightseeing. It is organized as a “nature conservation area” to preserve the natural vegetation! Botanical garden Kotišina is popular tourist sightseeing place for those who are looking for some activities… You can take a nice walk through unspoiled nature from Makarska to Kotišina and combine recreation and sightseeing.

Village Makar

It is a village situated in the foothills of the Biokovo mountain and it is believed that today Makarska toward it got its name…It is a place where tourists can enjoy in the nature and experience the atmosphere of the village prior to the Makarska. It is the place where you can see domestic animals and wildlife, the place where you can taste a good Dalmatian vine or try to play domestic games like „Balote“. It is a game similar to bowling but in the same moment so different because of the environment…

Makarska harbour

Makarska harbor is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast because of its special shape which protects the city from storm, especially wind „Jugo“ that blows from the south and which rises the sea which in these moments becomes dangerous for yachters who get in it’s way. Makarska port has a variety of boat places that ensuring that each newly arrived yachtsman get safe place to stay … Makarska harbor was built from stone that fits in the environment and a peaceful little place … Long ago Makarska harbor was known nautical destination, and it was a safe port for many ancient wars … It’s uniqueness is its beauty for tourists who constantly walk around and enjoy Makarska sightseeing view of the mountains in the background and two peninsulas that protect itself. Makarska port is connected to the beach so many walks ends with beach.

St.Peter peninsula

Makarska sightseeing
Makarska sightseeing

St.Peter is a small peninsula at the entrance to the port of Makarska , Croatia . It was named after the church from the 13th century St. Peter. Today peninsula serves as a city park and beach.This clean nature Makarska sightseeing has its own Rocky beach on the outer side of the peninsula is clothing optional , but mainly used naturists . This peninsula contains many paths extending through the entire peninsula where you can enjoy in pleasant walk and nature. In the middle of peninsula there is the park with the church of St. Peter and the environment full of ancient objects … From the church extends an amazing view of the surrounding islands and the sea. On the entrance of peninsula is a large Makarska sightseeing  fountain that makes a welcome to it’s visitors , and also near fountain there is located a caves that was once used to hide war submarines , while now it is a  famous disco ” Grota ” . On the west side of peninsula there is St. Peter’s lighthouse , 1884. built which is in the second century of secure signalizing to the nautical traffic . In the lighthouse once lived a lighthouse keeper who cared for the correctness of object. On the entrance of St. Peter peninsula young couples are leaving love locks to make their love last forever .

Love locks on St.Peter peninsula

Makarska sightseeing

Osejava peninsula

Peninsula Osejava protects Makarska harbor from bad weather conditions from the east. It has the widest network of natural forest roads in this area. Osejava is perfect for walking and enjoying. Tourists love to walk through Osejava to nearby places Tucepi and Podgora because everything is connected with forest roads so that they can explore the surrounding touristy places on foot or on a bicycle that can be rented at each corner .. On the seaward side are stone beaches for tourists adventurers who want to get away from the crowds and enjoy Makarska sightseeing on the beach of Makarska, and find their own private beach like most famous beach on Osejava called “Nugal” which is mostly nudists beach, and after rainy weather you can come across and see beautiful waterfall that flows into the sea … This area is popular for climbers who enjoy climbing the steep cliffs. Osejava is rich in natural resources, vegetation and animal species.

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